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10 November 2010

Songs of the Universe

What happens when we die? My last blog got me to thinking of soil and my possible future role in its replenishment. Hey, I take being part of the ecosystem real seriously! Being buried, though, isn’t on my dance card. On the lighter side, I think the old adage with gunslingers was to bury them eight feet under, the extra couple of feet since their victims all were at six feet and they wanted to make sure they could keep an eye on their backs. Have you heard that? HAH! I half-made it up but think that’s the gist of it. I beat Jon Bon Jovi would agree with me that’s how we social outlaws oughta act too!

Seriously now, where to put my ashes? [whew, thank God my mother is NOT on this distro] Into the fierce winds of some tall Western place called Deadwood Mountain? Into the now-sedate and safe UN-sanctuary waters of Bikini Atoll (site of many 1950’s nuclear tests)? Next to my dog Yowzer? Into Two Medicine Lake, Montana? Wait for Michele and go together? [her thinking – is that eternal romance? ]. Or simply be brave, like the heroine of this song excerpt?

Met a girl in a chair with wheels but no one else would see her.

Met a girl in a chair with wheels…

Everyone was so afraid to even look down on her,

so she just spread her little wings and flew away.

I’ll live this life until this life won’t let me live here anymore.

And I will walk, yes, I will walk with patience through that open door.

I have no fears – angels follow me wherever I may go.

I’ll live this life until this life won’t let me live here anymore.

~ Big ‘n Rich

Live this Life

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