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22 November 2010

Did She Make You Cry?

What is it about sports teams that draw us back time after frustrating time? It’s not like even Manchester United can field an unstoppable team (but don’t tell them that). Winning is about focus and execution. When you lose, you pick up the pieces, become humanoid Legos and rebuild just a bit differently. And you tell yourself that the team could have won if just it did this or that. C’mon, that’s what Synder’s Redskin’s do. I mean, jsut one or two playoff games in a pathetic decade, but God bless those fans who keep on keeping on. Me, as a Bills fan, I live in perpetual hope that the team will gain one day soon the prestige that comes from regularly being a playoff contender. Maybe I show wear more bling and that will push them along better?

Today’s Pet Peeves, thankfully few since wild-and-crazy guys like me don’t have too many:

· Global Warming: Yeah, truly a peeve since I’d like to get a clearer yes-or-no read. No need for the movie 2012 to become reality, but how to deal with ecosystems obviously not working in our best interest regardless of the cause?

· The Word “Leftover”: It’s the 21st century and we can’t do any better than that? Some of those leftovers are better than the cafeteria swill they ladle up hot and fresh

· Night Lights – bring me back the darkness, the blank slate of introspection

· Night Frights – I’m glad I can’t remember my infrequent bad dreams because I know I don’t want any of my nocturnal boogeymen dropping by my desk

· ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’ shouldn’t be so. Bring them closer so that, like the intrepid hobbit I should be, I can go live those elusive dreamy adventures.

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