Living - and already savoring - the Adventures across the backroads of western Idaho and eastern Oregon!

17 May 2010

Random Thoughts: Things that bug me...

o Bus drivers that put on a helmet, googles and 4-point harnesses
o IT folks in the elevator who push floor buttons that are already lit
o People names Guillermo who use nickname Bill - I get easily confused
o Boys named Sue or who have androgynous gender-neutral names
o WalMart and Party City
o Bank-to-Bank transfers … can be real squirrelly
o Horse jockeys …creepy hermaphroditic creatures probably named Sue
o Government bureaucrat ‘wonks’ who think they’re sexy with their fedoras and nice suits
o Groundhogs: “Why, God, why?!”
o People at the bus stop who retell the same Stupid Story three times in a row without any new details
o Men with baby bellies … ewww
o BMW’s whose valves tick loudly – so wrong
o Squirrels: “Louise, bring me mah gun!”