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23 March 2010

The Vagaries of the DoDo Bird, aka Flying with both Feet on the Ground

A fey mood strikes, with me as a rootless cosmopolitan wanting to soar aloft but DCA’d into submission. Why is flying no fun anymore? Eating dirt would be more satisfying. Especially with a worm or two mixed in. I say this despite the hidden perks of a govvie traveler: priority seating, a free check-in bag and traveling with gracious Mahak making sure I had a cuppa Joe so that, as Melissa pointed out, I wouldn’t have to resort to drinking airline coffee that tastes like dirty socks.

“Pleeeeease, I just got to talk to you. Pleeeeease, I’m a long, long way from home.”

Yeah, I’m mentally feeling Sick as a Dog ‘cause here I sit pushing lonely at 30,000 feet just five miles out. Hmm, now I harken back to a late -70s Mike Oldfield concert, with two drummers and tubular bells gonging my synapses into a pleasant early-AM reverie. Maybe this is how blogging was born? Whispering above the cloud pack moves the mind into some quiescent state of introspection, albeit all too often a melancholy. But no muddy riverside blues for moi today, just quiet jubilation that the damned flight left only an hour late and an adventurous week awaits. I’m feeling fit on a biz trip for the first time in 18 months, so Bang the Drum – duty, honor and Albuquerque await!

10 March 2010

Blazin' your own Trail again

A song this morning reminded me of my older son Chris, the energized/charismatic/enigmatic Naval corpsman/EMT/bassist/dashing ladies man. Today's posting goes out to him as a long-distance dedication, one of empathy, everlasting hope and faith in who he Is and Will Be...

Sooner or later you will find a way
To feel like sunshine even on a cloudy day
To feel like morning in the dead of night
Sooner or later it's gonna be all right.

Now don't go thinking your life's a mess
Rather start thinkin' in terms of happiness

And it's gonna happen
Just decide were you're goin'
Get out in the open
And start blazin' your own trail again

REO Speedwagon

08 March 2010

It’s a Sunny Day outside my Window

That’s it. And that’s enough.

02 March 2010

My Dump Truck and Me

KJ now is a Real Ranger, taser and all. “Get ta work, ya damned lazy swabbies! Contract? I’ll give you contract [zap-scream- sizzle]. I mean DIG! Y'all are lazy - down in Lusby our lap dogs pull the plows! Tools?! Just get some new gloves – tools are for sissies.” Yes, KJ is back at the wheel of that park service dump truck and stuff is happening so get on-board or run over. Remember, she has new dreams, aspirations and that ill-tempered attitude-correction tool. Seriously now, Karen, “Congrats!” on graduating from Ranger School and welcome to the ranks of one of the finest ranger corps in the U.S.!