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29 November 2010

Critiques and Reality

My Blog: Great stuff or simply drive?l If mine are the latter then hopefully true friendship rises up to put a stop to the typing, sharing and madness, though the thoughts themselves of course will endlessly bounce around my Candyland Cranium of Convoluted Thoughts.

If you need a lunchtime adventure, a simple one at your PC, log into www.blogspot.com and browse blogs from around the world. You just click on the top-section link called Next Blog and that takes you randomly to another of many thousand blogs from around the world. I find the Portuguese and Brazilian ones to have particularly creative pix and graphics, though I cannot deduce their meaning. Yes, I could use BabelFish but like I said, “lunchtime.” Translation is too much work when I’m looking for salvation in bowl of low-everything soup (you know, the kind with mystery meat and not enough of that).

Speaking of babbling, you ever get into a crucial conversation, or even a light-hearted chat with someone you respect, and your tongue betrays you by stammering through things you know you know? I’ve had many a circular argument with my tongue, chewing it out for making me look foolish. Why can’t we have a backup internal BabelFish that engages when foot is headed toward mouth? My own worst moment was at the altar, when I combined stammering with drooling and spastic body motions – I bet Michele seriously considered running out the back door!

Reminds me of a Congressman or two or dozens … whoops, now the fingers are betraying me as well! Viva La Democracia!

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