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20 May 2008

Kickstart - November 2007

This is a kick-start of sorts to Two Medicine Man who probably forgot how, long ago, he added me up as a participant to this blog. Not to embarrass him, but here goes with some links to photos of said gentleman.

From November 2007 outing to Green Ridge State Forest in Western Maryland...

Day One:

Our campsite... far, far off the highways of the world, beyond the reach of cell phones and all but the bravest of mankind.

Funny thing is, we went for a several-mile walk... Nearing the end we saw the opening to Stickpile Tunnel - not knowing its name at the time. We thought, hmmm... wonder where that goes. Then we continued down the road - up over the mountain the hard way. Got to the other side, and boom - there was the other end of the tunnel. We could have been dry plus saved about a half hour's walking by going through it - but that's what adventures are made of. :-)

Day Two:

Saturday we took a break and went to Antietam battlefield in time to meet Mannie doing his presentation on one of the bloodiest days of the civil war.

One of the more photogenic areas of Antietam battlefield is Burnside Bridge...

Day Three:

This was to be supper - but when Jose jumped in to chase it down, it dove in and we never did spot it again!!!

These shots are at the C&O Canal running parallel to the Potomac, At the Pawpaw tunnel, on the eastern end...

We were camped right down there, just around the bend in the Potomac past the abandoned railroad bridge.

The end of the day, Sunday, we went past a couple of churches (it was Sunday so Jose said we needed Churchin' Up!) By this point in the weekend we were stinking enough that we didn't go inside - just took photos from down the street (Cumberland MD).

Day Four:

Believe it or not, he whacked that poor tree about a million times with his hatchet... He told me that he was re-enacting the George Washington cherry tree fable... (My take on it was that he'd been working in Washington a bit too long!!)