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25 February 2015

Recalls, Recollections and even Zeppelin-esque Xylophone Bands

Where to start?  How about with the important stuff:

I was told that some of these models were sold in our area – and there are 4.6 million nationwide being recalled:

It got me to thinking tonight about our own home safety, something we’ve not reevaluated since moving in two years ago.  Online, I found the City and County of Denver’s brochure on “Home Fire Safety.”  I found it very useful since it’s official, from a major metro area, well thought out and formatted, and because it covers our range of concerns:  “Maintaining and Using Home Smoke Alarms, Fire Extinguishers and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.”  Check it out - and make it happen in your home for your loved ones.

Recollections are easy today:
  • We haven't gotten more than a couple inches snow since the turn of the year
  • We do not build igloos and snowshoe to work like the folks in Boston (darn, I am SO very jealous, Mizz M)
  • Mizz Ellen's humor has more sparkle than a fine wine, ever as witty as her own powerful spirit
  • Wash DC.  The Beltway World.  Traffic and road rage.  Counting the minutes as we raced through the weekends.  Whiling away too much of my life on the commuter bus.  Snowmageddon in Feb. 2010.  
  • Cedarville State Park.  Maryland's splendiferous state parks and their passionate volunteers.  Activity, Life in Motion.  Budd's Creek raceway.  Watching our boys grow into young men.
Lastly - but don't miss it - Anne Girl says it best:
     "...is this teacher a xylophone freak???"

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