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30 September 2009

Somebody's Hero?

It started as a calm reflection on the detrius of the DC milieu. Two women rushing to get in line at the bus stop, basically cutting off a more civilized lady who looked askance at the two beotches. Off the bus on onto the pavement. Paper bags scattered about, Jim Beam and Icehouse too. Alone with my thoughts and the emotional vagaries of the AM induced by my iPod's shuffle mode, my mind wandered to topics like civility and what makes a hero. No, not the yummy sandwich but those who make a difference under fire, under duress or just because they wanna.

Wasn't my intent, but I decided it fitting to name a hero. Today's Hero: Karen Jarboe. [gasps of shock rise from the crowd and eligible bachelors twitter away] A MD Park Service park ranger, she blew me away with her understated "edgy" Annapolis gig that literally took me down to The River. Then she goes all sappy on us and goes ga ga this guiding and mentoring disadvantaged city youth in MPS' Civic Justice Corps summertime program. Worked on her days off to make the program meaty. All with charm, endless smiles, laughter and a dead-on focus to make a difference for those who need it. So, Ferris, she's my hero.

And a website worth your time - www.myspace.com/breakingtbd

Those heroes are all around us. If you at first don't see them, just close your eyes and it will become clear...

29 September 2009

J'ai été aveuglé par la réverbération du monde

"I was momentarily blinded by the reflection of the moon." Did I hosebag this one, Heather? Man, my French schooling is much too far in the past...

Walking into DC this morning -- really, not so different than the fabled Walking to Clarksburg -- and the brilliant backdrop of DC juxtaposed itself to the the clear and cloudless early dawn. Startling. I stopped dead in my tracks and contemplated this for a moment. You forget about air quality indicies, light pollution and marvel at how clear things are, even for just that moment of the morning.

Throw in some Yes, The Ladder album from a few years back, and I got a full A/V image that won't soon vanish. Peace, introspection and a hint of possibility. Again, I know why I walk willingly so far to work each morning.