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11 December 2008

For your Life

I wandered around DC's Union Station this rainy harum-scarum morning whilst awaiting my darling lil' sis and her manly man. By the way, I'm fascinated by people-watching and would consider becoming homeless just for the excuse to do it full-time. Well, nawh, the madness passed - I like sleeping in a bed too much. Thoughts du jour:
  • What kind of life is it if you have to run, briefcase and umbrella clunking about, just to get to work on time? Why bother - I'd dawdle and wonder what's wrong with this gig if I'm running to get to it. No dignity in that.
  • Blonde hair. I hear tell it makes women look younger. Trust me on this one today - it does not work for everyone.
  • Plasticware. Fascinating. Why did that gentleman stop by the ABP and tuck a spoon into his jacket? Does he peruse the plasticware every day? Is this too not dignified? And does he care - I think not. I just laughed to myself.