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07 December 2009

Here are a couple thoughts recently shared with my friends, the gracious ladies whom I join as co-coaches of our academic fellowship. John R. is the Coach and leader of our nutty gang. Just broad enough in scope to let you know where my mind is at these days:

  • Birthdays for women: A universally accepted precept is that women get to celebrate nothing! What else do you call it when I cannot ask your ages nor even hazard a guess without sweating bullets? Of course, Beth is easier: a fine-looking 59 or drop-dead gorgeous 31 are my guesses.
  • Love: I reflected on this one today when listening to John Mellencamp’s ‘Dance Naked.’ No, ma’am, it is not completely what the title infers, OK? I’m now old enough to see the love around and within us. Though I’m slow – Springsteen didn’t make sense until I was 40! Led Zeppelin & Love – that was a no-brainer even at age 16! My recent (Nov. 16) 25th anniversary to the one of the finest women in the universe reiterates everything about love and happiness – that’s why we have anniversaries, eh? Of course, if you’re married to Coach John, every day is a celebration!

05 October 2009

Kickstarting the Second Half

Reading a great book - a truly Great Book - called Halftime, by Bob Buford. Bob bascially brings Christianity into action, and Peter Drucker's management concepts into being, but asking older folks like me - yeah, 46 is near the crypt - to ask the enigmatic, "How do I give back to the world more than was given me?"

Using his halftime analogy, I'm either a late bloomer, late reader of this paperback or not making it until 92. Fine by me since 92 years on this planet is a bit too much for my liking. I guess the second option is the answer since I left my 'comfort zone' many years ago, in 1998 as LA dimmed in the rearview mirror on our way to the Big Sky country of Montana. Bob cautions us that there's a risk factor in tossing aside the hard-earned security blanket of our daily routines and paradigms of what we think is to come. Heck, you're actually losing (willingly, he hopes) control of your life. And that's a good thing if you're a Christian, though sometimes confusing.

If I've picqued your interest early this AM, good for me. Then proceed to mull over these questions today: What is my truest purpose? My life work? My destiny? Remember - our children grow to leave the home, so your answers should span beyond that part of happiness.

Think, reflect, ponder and grow. And buy that book! I can't wait to read more of it.

01 October 2009

A Few Horoscopes & Ask No Quarter

Selected Horoscopes from 'The Onion' that I'd like to share with ya:
- Capricorn: Remember: Sometimes you just have to step back, take a deep breath, give yourself a shake, and blow off the top of your head with your Dad's old shotgun.
- Scorpio is the most generous, magananimous and noble of all Zodiac signs, but that's still no reason for the Board to grant you parole.
- Pisces: Smile! Somebody out there loves you. On second thought... do
n't smile.

Mulling the disaster that was my day yesterday - even being called out as a skipping-out-on-mandatory-online-training dirtbag - I called my friend Kim and realized it does all blow by and sometimes the real pains-in-the-arse can be coopted by your charity, virture or just seeing the writing on the wall. Kim L-R: now she's a whole blog posting all by herself!

The discouragement was deep, unassauged even by Monty Python, Molson's Ice (just two, OK?) and my deep thinking about why cats are mesmerized by sunbeams. Then I realized I ask no quarter, ever, and that's how it should be. Bring on the happiness, despair, melancholy and those "I wanna tear off his head and, [well, you know]" moments. Beats the alternative, being six feet under or ashes scattered on Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana. Though, I suspect, those ashes would have a helluva nice free view?

30 September 2009

Somebody's Hero?

It started as a calm reflection on the detrius of the DC milieu. Two women rushing to get in line at the bus stop, basically cutting off a more civilized lady who looked askance at the two beotches. Off the bus on onto the pavement. Paper bags scattered about, Jim Beam and Icehouse too. Alone with my thoughts and the emotional vagaries of the AM induced by my iPod's shuffle mode, my mind wandered to topics like civility and what makes a hero. No, not the yummy sandwich but those who make a difference under fire, under duress or just because they wanna.

Wasn't my intent, but I decided it fitting to name a hero. Today's Hero: Karen Jarboe. [gasps of shock rise from the crowd and eligible bachelors twitter away] A MD Park Service park ranger, she blew me away with her understated "edgy" Annapolis gig that literally took me down to The River. Then she goes all sappy on us and goes ga ga this guiding and mentoring disadvantaged city youth in MPS' Civic Justice Corps summertime program. Worked on her days off to make the program meaty. All with charm, endless smiles, laughter and a dead-on focus to make a difference for those who need it. So, Ferris, she's my hero.

And a website worth your time - www.myspace.com/breakingtbd

Those heroes are all around us. If you at first don't see them, just close your eyes and it will become clear...

29 September 2009

J'ai été aveuglé par la réverbération du monde

"I was momentarily blinded by the reflection of the moon." Did I hosebag this one, Heather? Man, my French schooling is much too far in the past...

Walking into DC this morning -- really, not so different than the fabled Walking to Clarksburg -- and the brilliant backdrop of DC juxtaposed itself to the the clear and cloudless early dawn. Startling. I stopped dead in my tracks and contemplated this for a moment. You forget about air quality indicies, light pollution and marvel at how clear things are, even for just that moment of the morning.

Throw in some Yes, The Ladder album from a few years back, and I got a full A/V image that won't soon vanish. Peace, introspection and a hint of possibility. Again, I know why I walk willingly so far to work each morning.

04 February 2009

A Month of Mondays

AUGH! Monday just bit me in the ass. I typed two paragraphs of silly crap and got a technical error message afterward that WIPED OUT the entire posting. Take 2:

Ever have a Monday that leaves you wondering why you got out of bed? Sure you did. I was near a woman on subway who passed out and was caught by guy next to me before her head got bashed open; shame is, she remained unconscious and will never meet this guy. Then I get to work and the office's cipher locks were malfunctioning; it promptly became a good day for a breakfast out! Breakfast burrito day. Hallelujuah! And yummy.

There you have my silly posting for the day. Time for us all to move on, move along and get 'er done!

22 January 2009

Some of Life's Simple Pleasures

  • See politicians reveal themselves, regardless of partisan robe colors, as self-centered when avoiding the use of the word “nationalized” when referring to our nation’s investment sector and automobile industry. The emperor is not wearing any clothes, folks, so deal with it: we’ve nationalized key sectors just like the South Americans and Russians we yesterday thumbed our noses at
  • Having your children tell you, painfully, that you’re right. Ahhh.
  • The tax man. Watching him withhold for himself 37% of my annual bonus. Here’s a nice $1,100 interest-free loan for you, Mr. Man. Enjoy it, ya low-down, two-timing, snake-bitten...