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09 November 2010

A Month of Sundays

Today’s Challenge: What would you do with a Month of Sundays, a set of days when the stores aren’t all open full hours with sales items? I mean, you’d have to get out and do something creative, the type of thing my old-school parents would call, “Go outside and find something to do!” Thanks, Mom, but what if I didn't come back? – bet you’d drop that suggestion!

Hmmm… I’d take a bike ride around a new forest and come home that night only if I got real hungry or cold. Take one of those day-tripper buses to NYC and just wander with a pocket full of loot, a guide to Manhattan/Brooklyn and, again, catch the night ride home only if I feel like it. How about a forever-overdue visit to a Bostonian friend, letting her steal the itinerary and show me what the old town means to her & her camera; I think her car’s name is Eddie, so I’d get his opinion too. I know - I’d fly to Paris, snag a Eurail pass and go to wherever I wish whenever I so feel like it. An Indie Film Festival! Be a carnie and live off funnel cake. Follow a bear around all day. Hire someone to spray-paint my car with a Led Zeppelin theme. Borrow an unfulfilled dream from Andrea’s brain.

Alternately, since I do happen to love my wife Michele and family … but the home shack, not so much … I’d become an unshaven and unkempt home urchin for a couple weeks. Repaint the whole place. Install a solar roof. Have a football marathon, watching all of a weekend’s NFL games back-to-endless-back. Drink coffee straight from the pot. Eat fattening rugala or turnovers every morning – and lick up the crumbs like a puppy. Sample all types of salami, sausages, cheeses and wines. Get back to home-brewing beer like I did back in the day. Keel over {painlessly?} from massive heart infarction caused by my new shamelessly gluttonous lifestyle & thus spend the rest of my Month watching my memorial service/internment into the earth…

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