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16 November 2010

Country Comforts

(From Saturday, actually...)

I sit here in upstate NY, at Chez Hager, home/dairy farm of our matron of honor and best man. Though I needed to journey here alone this weekend, that’s OK. Guilt would ruin the experience and value of the 400-mile autumn odyssey. Here’s a shout-out to Michele and others would affirmed that just trying to be a part of the fabric of our friends’ lives is worthwhile in-and-of-itself. Part two of my trip is visiting Karen D – more to follow on that.

I like these walks on the ‘darker side.’ Darker in terms of family/friends with who may have more or less of what we have, materially speaking, and of course who live my mantra of Less Ambient Light makes life better. In this case, we four are remarkably on track to be equally prosperous despite our different life paths (stop laughing, Ellen!).

My November Walk in Darkness has been a satisfying two-day shared walk in their day-to-day routine. Walking into their doorway offers insights into breathing in, and hopefully emulating, the energies and passions of those dearest to me. As always, I leave enriched, empowered and enlightened.

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