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07 December 2009

Here are a couple thoughts recently shared with my friends, the gracious ladies whom I join as co-coaches of our academic fellowship. John R. is the Coach and leader of our nutty gang. Just broad enough in scope to let you know where my mind is at these days:

  • Birthdays for women: A universally accepted precept is that women get to celebrate nothing! What else do you call it when I cannot ask your ages nor even hazard a guess without sweating bullets? Of course, Beth is easier: a fine-looking 59 or drop-dead gorgeous 31 are my guesses.
  • Love: I reflected on this one today when listening to John Mellencamp’s ‘Dance Naked.’ No, ma’am, it is not completely what the title infers, OK? I’m now old enough to see the love around and within us. Though I’m slow – Springsteen didn’t make sense until I was 40! Led Zeppelin & Love – that was a no-brainer even at age 16! My recent (Nov. 16) 25th anniversary to the one of the finest women in the universe reiterates everything about love and happiness – that’s why we have anniversaries, eh? Of course, if you’re married to Coach John, every day is a celebration!