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06 January 2012

MahN Madness

At the risk of offending my audience, I won’t spell-out “MahN” so suffice it to say the perceived madness is about how some guys tackle the challenges of life, be it work, home or the open range. In my life, it’s the road under my running shoes. Shoes I’m told move faster than I thought and, stopwatch says, yeah verily do hit 10.3 minutes per mile! Not lightning fast but good enough to avoid cars.

I wonder if it’s just guys who get the itch to do something crazy, like running when light snowflakes kiss my face and tatter along my legs, cold ones since I don’t do running pants. The point isn’t the destination, since I’m not self-competitive enough to care much about running faster.

I guess the point has to do with manning-up to something and walking away head-held-up, ready to grab an air guitar and solo the rest of the day away. That life were that simple! Bottom line is there’s sense to the goofiness some of us weave into our days, it just takes perception to understand the colors of those threads.