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15 January 2015

A favorite Movie: My Side of the Mountain

Before I do a jaunt back into my youth’s first passion (living outdoors), first a serious thought.  Only 0.75% of our country’s population actually participated on-the-scene in the Iraq and Afghan debacles.  So how do we involve our voting populace, also too small a segment, in the conversation toward a stronger America?  We’ve spent a full generation’s blood and treasure on … what?  The Parisian terror, that’s now spread to rural eastern Belgium, brought this unsought concern to mind, along with the PBS News Hour.  I read mostly international news feeds, so tell me if you’d like to broaden your horizons.  Or I’ll just broadcast it for you the next time I get fired up.

Back to our show:

Last night I watched this movie that I’m just so sure was a flashback to my childhood, to the young He-Wolf Joser:  1969’s My Side of the Mountain.  100 minutes of action- and thought-driven time in a young teenage boy’s life.  He runs out of patience awaiting his parents’ promises of going out camping, so our intrepid Canadian youngster runs away from his Toronto home and buses it to the wilds near Knowlton, Quebec. I just know I saw it because I loved [hah, you thought I'd give you a spoiler.  Nope.] 

Don’t bother Google Map’ing that, since our Frenchophilic friends apparently renamed it, Lac-Brome, QC J0E.

No exaggeration or bragging – looking at the map, and having seen three ski runs in the background of his forest retreat, I know where on the nearby slopes it was filmed!  An awesome time though not everything was so happy and chipper.

Walk back in time, when you dreamt of taming wildlife for your own needs and foraging for all you needed.  When you didn’t need a house to survive, and what you knew in your head could easily be supplemented by a nearby library.  And a librarian in a small town who didn't ask a stray boy any tough questions.  And where stray bohemian folk singers can wander into the script and be characters of strength and redemption.

That’s my angle, live large on the land and from the land, just like young Sam.  Watch this movie, will ya?


James Wheeler said...

My favorite show fed my dreams of "taming wildlife for your own needs and foraging for all you needed." .. that would be Grizzly Adams... :-)

Anne Dublin said...

ok Joser, you know my brain is mainly off the beaten track... but this thought process is making me feel that you must embark on another circa 1960s movie, in shorter form. please tune in to Youtube and enter "Man on a Buffalo," there are a few to peruse under this theme...
the song WILL stick in your head forever, and put a goofy smile on your face...enjoy!