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17 November 2010

Out on North Road

It’s good to leave the fru-fru of DC. I’m glad to put aside the gym visits, wondering about what healthy foods I should be eating, and the inevitable plotting-and-planning of suburban life. Ellen and Henry on-the-farm live life Large, in a rural place where the 21st century track of money and career ambitions pale. Yes, God is good and they’re Rich in Life. They live a type of self-sacrifice and moderation that nonetheless leads to fulfillment. I feel like the Grinch when I visit -- my heart swells to a size way beyond what it usually is!

My friend Karen also moves on in her life, supporting the dreams of a college freshman daughter, raising a talented and fascinating teenager, and being a worthy companion/neighbor to her dad. And she loves dogs! Today, I sit and smile at the little things from my trip to her slice of heaven, like homemade oatmeal, seeing the woods through her eyes, and reflecting on what a stroll in the forest can do for the psyche. All good stuff. I left northern PA too soon and my return will be too far off, I’m afraid – tomorrow would be good.

That I could sum up these lessons... I can’t, so reflection will just have to do…

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