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03 January 2011

Life in a Bottle

Funny what I could say about last week’s birthday-day (Dec. 28). Mind-boggling if I tried to stuff the hustle-and-stumbling bustle into a message in a bottle. Ever have a day where it’s busy, you’re covering for others on vacation, and it’s the little things that trip you up? TMM is glad to say my day was only annoying, not really full of stressful/lasting problems, but I surely could do without those Just-Being-Human days. Who has time to make mistakes – they cause more work and also unneeded questions that derail my Web surfing and daydreaming …

Birthdays are so weird. I’m supposed to celebrate being older? Hopefully not, but instead capturing in my mind’s eye the beauty that is our children, the literal beauty of my wife in all her life’s lenses (hey, honey, welcome to my blog!), and the intangible appeal of the dreamy contrails crossing the auburn aura of the early sunset. I have so much to celebrate, esp. the biweekly paycheck and feeling of worthwhile contribution at work. Yes, it’s true -- I don’t count myself in the 81% of Yahoo-polled folks who long for another job.

My message in the bottle is one of hope, encouragement to others and a candid reflection that this 48-year journey keeps leading me across those unsought woods of adventures and into the paths of each of you. That's a good thing. The French-Canadian singer I recently mentioned, Bruce Cockburn, well sums up my birthday’s vertigo of emotions:

We are children of the river we’ve named Existence …

Dreaming is a state of mind, can’t you see -

If we can sing with the wind song

Chant with the thunder

Play upon the lightning

Melodies of wonder…

Life Will Open

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