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05 November 2010

Is there a Band playing in my Head?

Man, let’s hope not! Maybe some of us listen to music simply because the band isn’t loud enough. Am I the only one who finds stillness captivating? I mean, I listen to music constantly as it shapes my mood, gives me ideas and inspiration, and propels me forward through the wonkiness of my day. Give me a briefcase and I’d look like some modern-day Einstein with little white iPod earphones as I trudge self-importantly from meeting to meeting.

If you’ve not sampled the stillness, give it a go on an autumn morning. Go somewhere where nature mutes the turning wheels and deadens the background chatter of the 21st century. I think it’s something special. Reminds me of Honda’s new billboard campaign, ‘Vanquility.’ I trek the back-40 in an Odyssey so can appreciate the humor of it all. I doubt Honda Sales Dept. does, though, since their product is superb and I have no reason yet to trade it in. Hmmm, if they built a 4x4 version with a roll cage, I could be convinced to be a Double Vanquility Family! I think I’d go Bubba and paint mine camo and slap on some Eat Bambi stickers for good measure. Else I’ll downgrade and go find a decent Pinto … drive down a country road in a camo Pinto, rifles hanging out the side … that would be a blast!

Which brings our story full-circle because the band playing in my head now pictures a Mad Max terrain, armored Pinto raging down the cracked pavement while Bon Jovi’s Just Older amping up in the background. Those wacked Mad Max producers had a great idea…

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