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23 December 2013

HADS: About the Humans Against Dragon Stereotypes

Harken to the simple truths of life, ye mere mortals!  Important words from my dear friend, The Arkansawyer, now follow:

“Things I've found without really looking.  Trying to get to hasd.us (Halifax Area School District) and instead dyslexically typing hads.us (the contents then now displaced by a u ad), which brings us to:

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine (at Archive.org), where if you type the hads.us URL, you can find a cached version of the page:

Knowledge at its finest but now covered over.  Thanks goodness for the archives.”

Smithsonian Article du Jour: 

For when you think your Life is oh so very tough … First World Problems (quick meme): 

“I got hired – so now I’ll have to start waking up early again”

19 December 2013

Live each season as it passes;
breathe the air, drink the drink,
taste the fruit, and resign yourself
     to the influences of each.

          Henry David Thoreau


just be the person your dog thinks you are

16 December 2013

Things you might Find when you’re not actually Searching

Mizz K yesterday reminded me that I can’t find some things:
  • Snow dense enough to pack into snowballs. 
  • New flavor types.  Did you know humans can taste only four flavors – sweet, salt, bitter and sour?  I’ve been robbed.  “Scotty, beam me up and take me away!”
  • Moisture.  Our vinyl window clings just won’t…
  • The character map feature in MS Word that I so used to love when typing things in foreign languages.
  • Anything resembling the poignant power of Stephen’s Stills’ demo tapes of the late ‘60s, he being one of Texas’ finest songsmiths.
  • Hustle-and-bustle.  The surprise is many of you would wig-out at the silence of the prairie lambs.
  • Stress that I don’t bring to myself.  You know me, Mr. Drama Magnet when I was younger.  I’m recovered, so bring on those millions of dollars of challenge -- “I spit on you!” (movie quote)

But what have I found?
  • Prairie dogs.  Did you know they’re my friend Lee’s muse, his inspiration, and their existence is his raison d’etre?  Editor’s Disclaimer:  Just because his inspiration is to grab his 30.06 rifle with ballistic calibration scope and market his prairie dog fur caps, isn’t the point here…
  • Unsought beauty in startling stark tableaus, like a cactus flower in the desert.
  • Roaring Spring.  Pioneer-fever Summer.  Blustery Autumn.  Soul-wrapping Winter.
  • Wineries.  Ste. Chappelle is the foremost of Idaho’s post-Prohibition wineries, a tradition revived from scratch after families like the Rothschilds abandoned the Lewistown, Idaho area vineyards.  We now have 20 wineries.  No, I’m not a winey and we’ve really done but one decent day’s tour, but so much to look forward to!

Smithsonian Article du Jour: 

For when you think your Life is oh so very tough … First World Problems (quick meme): 
I hate my government but I live too comfortably to get motivated enough to do anything about it.