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09 June 2011

Greenfields of Unspoken Truth

Too bad we, as a society, don’t talk more about spirituality. No, not "religion," the simplistic guise some folks put onto how we process the infinite around us – Father God, Mother Nature, the Sun Tower, Mover and Changer, Jesus Christ our Savior, etc.

No matter how we look on spirituality, too often it’s alone. I love Bible studies but they limit one to a focused group discussion that can be fantastic but in the end is limiting. As an aside, I’ve found that the music like that of Yes or Steven Curtis Chapman can open the spirit to new ‘concepts,’ ones that I can’t easily set to words but that resonate with feelings across my little neurons.

I know my friend Joni, Keeper of the Love and Light, has gone further onward on this journey. Call it unorthodox or whatever, but the harsh truth is someday we won’t awaken. What then?! The purpose and truth then will be obvious but it may be too late to do anything about it, according to some religions. More for me to think about, but in a positive way since I’m comfortable in my walk with faith.

I leave you today with a simple thought – “What if? And, what now?”

08 June 2011

Living in the Spotlight with my Feet on the Ground

Ever look your loved one in the eye and see reflected someone so Big and Meaningful that you wonder how you ever could live up to that? I get a lot of that. No pressure. Hah! But that’s said with a smile and sense of befuddlement since I can’t be more than who I am. Now, I’m not saying some of us, Gentle Reader, aren’t just a bit squiggly around the edges and could use a good polishing job!

When you’re so damned in love like TMM, “moving on” means taking another step forward on the heart’s journey into yet another adventure. I like the ones that you jump recklessly into, or wander into with a sigh, that have no expectations or tangible end. Like taking walks with your partner and/or dog, moving someplace new, bathing cats (that have claws), starting a diet or exercise plan – you get my drift. albeit a drift with no particular known outcome until you’re done or get there.

That paragraph almost made sense... That is the good thing about blogging – you write what’s in your day’s mind, your life’s heart and in the heat of the moment. Ask and yea verily I will try to clarify any wacky paragraphs!

So, I return those looks I get with my feet on the ground and wax momentarily as the person that I (and our dogs ) hope that I can be.

07 June 2011

“I’m afraid that time has come and gone”

You recognize those words, ones from the movie Day after Tomorrow? It’s a rather bleak ‘between the lines’ nuanced thing, a harmless example of what our imaginations can inject into a sentence.

I find nuances so interesting, be they in words, the aftertaste of a homemade chili or the subtleties of a microbrew. That I could be a man of fewer words, more meaning and less mental wanderings. I’d certainly be more predictable, at least to myself. Wonder if any of you good readers feel predictable – and whether that’s reassuring or even uplifting.

That reminds me of greeting cards – all too predictable. I hear many stories in the cards but all too often they’re of the “Wah, I never call or visit you 364 days a year so this babbly card over-wrought with someone else’s drooling emotions should make you feel better today.” Give me a schnarfy break. We as a society ought to consider ending the pre-printed maudlin tale and write our own lines. It’s about our own situation, feelings and joys/regrets, not Ms. Hallmark’s emotion du jour.

Try what I do ~ go first to the blank card section. I find the best stuff there and usually can think of a sentence or two for the occasion. After seeing that my mother has a couple of the recent ‘blanks’ set up on a dresser, I’m happy with my M.O. Shop away, future word-smiths, and pull out those Pens of Meaning the next chance you get!

06 June 2011

Being the Master of “It’s all right, it’s OK”

I find candor amazing in how elegantly one can deliver a tough statement. I think some people are masters at it, just like you have Toastmasters who deliver well-crafted speeches and pastors who deliver powerful sermons. It starts in the heart and hopefully is filtered nicely by the mind before moving on to the mouth, whose job it is not to screw up the previous two steps.

TMM spoke awhile his son yesterday, sharing life stories, a tad bit of advice and mostly listening as Wasabi-san, the elder son, verbally walked himself through his the minefield of challenges to come across his own answers. As the omniscient parent, who does no wrong, and makes no mistakes that can’t easily be forgotten years hence (HAH!), I of course can throw a few stones into the pot. But those little nuggets of advice should lie there until he looks for them, because he has to want to do what seems the right thing, like college courses and other life decisions, without undue influence from his parents.

There I sit as the Master of “It’s all right, it’s OK” because that’s my role, one I really enjoy this time. Wasabi-san clearly knows what he needs to do, in part because so many folks in his life echo back the same theme. I see his journey continuing down a different corridor in a few weeks, kind of like that band of travelers in the mine pits of Middle Earth’s Moria, where they came to the three tunnels and had to camp whilst choosing the best path. Wasabi-san sits and collects wisdom points while choosing. And, I’m sure it’s all right because I’m confident he's a smart guy who will pick a worthy path...

03 June 2011

Flying High in my Taxi

“Talking tells you things

but sometimes you can’t find

what you’re feeling

until all the words run out.”

(This song lyric excerpt is courtesy of Harry Chapin, Sequel [to hislegendary ballad Taxi])

02 June 2011

For Henri & Ellen: How Now, Brown Cow

It's National Dairy Month - hey, I remembered that by myself - and we should celebrate. I say that with pride since Dairy underpins our economy and, yes, our society. A day without a dairy product? I think I saw that in the movie 2012 and wasn't happy about it.

So, the month of June is a Shout-Out to my dear friend Henry (aka Mssr. Henri) and his wife Ellen who work 36x24x7 for his family and for us as a dairy farmer in upstate NY. The 24 in the previous sentence refers to what happens when the cows bolt the field at 2 AM...

My respect, my admiration, and my envy are boundless: thank you, Henry, for all you do for us while slogging thru the muck in the barn. And for Ellen, his wife, for being the 362x24x7 stalwart supporter and quite the calf step-mom herself! Disclaimer: they're our best man/matron of honor, so the slathering of love and nice words goes back over 26 years...

As an added bonus, I refer you to today's The Old Farmer's Almanac.com. As they say, "Useful, with a pleasant degree of humor." I get a daily email, one that tunes in me back into the real world outside my cubicle. Check it out and then go online to set up your own free account. And have a glass of milk. Pull apart some string cheese. Slurp some yummy yoghurt. Relish some ice cream. Just Go Dairy, will ya?!

01 June 2011

Lucky for You, Lucky for Me

What makes the mind ‘roam?’ I have lots of time each morning to ponder that but haven’t figured anything much out. Coincidentally, this survey, http://www.slate.com/id/2295603/, goes a long ways to describing the perils of a long commute. Thankfully, I don’t fall easily into these traps. I’m not speaking for any other commuter, but my own slog is well worth it when I see the good things my paycheck & benefits bring to my family. And, I get the full range of emotions each day without drugs, drink or personal crisis – man, maybe I’m just lucky and never knew how exciting my free time is!

Let’s stroll through TMM’s Garden, where you just never know what will pop up…

Do you know where

your happiness is tonight?

You might be right or wrong,

the rhythm and rhyme

slipping through your fingers.

We’re far into the night

with ever less time

to find the chord, the thread

of our stories.

But love is coming

to us all

no matter where we are

today, tomorrow

or a thousand dreams away.