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23 November 2010

Mysteries amid Egoism

In a really light-hearted way, here are Today’s Pet Peeves:

· Fingernail polish: Just how do women know/feel/guess at what color works for them or for that enigmatic ‘ensemble’? Yes, Thank God I don’t have to be too concerned on this one…

· Senior moments. I just Do Not have time for forgetting. Especially when it’s ideas for today’s blog that just this morning were so vivid in my mind.

· Frames for portraits: Just who said they usually should be rectangular? Borrrr-ing!

· When your fingers forget how to type your name. Duh.

· The M-1 Abrams Tank having a jet engine (yes, a true fact): Why no racing stripes? Why not a blower that my BFF Lee would marvel at?

· My inability to give myself a good back rub.

· Words spelled alike that are spoken completely differently. Or words whose pronunciation makes no phonetic sense. (now I sound old and crabby, huh, Heather?)

· Why speeding drivers are tagged by the Revenuers (aka police) long before folks who insist on driving after dusk with NO headlights.

· The bus not pulling over at the riverside for a Spectacular Sunset – best one I’ve seen in six years in DC

· Chicken Pad Thai not being served in every American restaurant

· And, of course, women – certainly not a peeve but certainly a mystery through the years (said with a smile!)

Tell me what bugs you so I know whether I’m being too dorky or have a point in all of this…

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