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31 January 2015

Balancing the Olivias of our World with the Snacks

I'm sick, dragged down by some chest cold/achy body kinda thing that's run rampant.  You know it, the blah-ness that gives you every right in the world to bury yourself under the blankets and zone out.

Fighting that urge, I did some Super Bowl reading.  I avoided all those recently-mentioned tribulations around rooting for a team, instead focusing on this one that I must share today, and whose title says it all:

The only 10 Super Bowl recipes you will ever need

Then I tripped over a story I've been meaning to share.  It's about Oliva Barker, a USA Today reporter and mother of two who recently died of breast cancer. I found this story uplifting, as she obviously made her last year a Super Bowl of Life while seeing the juggernaut of death coming toward her dear family.  Sounds like she was a fiery woman who lifted the newsroom up:

USA TODAY reporter Olivia Barker dies at 40

I hope the connection is clear, the message simple.  I see so many analogies these days between sports and life, about try-and-try-again, and living in the moment.  Play hard, snack away, get out in your relationship/family/community and make an impact.  One day there won't be another season, another tomorrow, so make it count now.

My part today is puny, so I'll leave the heavy lifting to you.

1 comment:

KeriDe said...

I appreciated the Olivia Barker story ... we all need examples of living life fully. The food ... well, it isn't Oven Roasted Popcorn.