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02 November 2010

An Obelisk

‘Promised Land Realty.’ Now, what’s that business’ name all about? Are we selling headstones and you’re the number one small business this month? I have an idea: sell bits of land that have things like obelisks on them so people have someplace to go in their free time. Can you imagine changing the paradigm of real estate to be Bits and Pieces, splitting up a parcel into section where you plant a garden, erect a play set for your kids, dig a little one-person pool or just grow the greenest grass ever imagined? Yeah, our world would look more like Alice in Wonderland but it never would be boring. Note to Arkansawyer Excursions, Inc.: I see a trip theme here, as folks odyssey about the country to gaze at mini-windmills, homages to loves lost long ago and to artwork that speaks to our souls.

“No longer, no more.” That should be a theme for some TV show, where you explore traditions, rituals and practices that once meant so much. Late night fare but I can only begin to imagine what some cultures revered once upon a time. Heck, who’d a thunk you’d have cargo cults in the south Pacific? That some people revere animals almost more than people? Reminds me of Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches, a seminal anthropology book that I highly recommend you read.

I tire of my commuter bus surroundings and now adjourn into the vacuous depths of my really boring mind. Yawn. I think today’s task is to ponder the new phrases I should create to capture these feelings. Phrases because no silly single word can capture their intensity. They’re linked to thoughts and emotions, so the phrases will be weird, convoluted and probably need me to create a whole new planet for their existence. [I then should throw a cuppa Joe into this thought process and maybe I can grow up to be a Real Writer who earns Real Money!]

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