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13 December 2010

Through the Lens of your Looking Glasses

Let's have fun this morning and list what y’all recently sent me as your own pet peeves. Cracks me up…

1. A.L.

· When a guy's fingernails are longer that a woman's(LOL)...it's sad that this is number one!

· When you can hear a person's saga/soap oprah dilemna on the metro/bus...and you're clearly not right behind them.

· When someone has their IPOD soooo loud that you're actually jamming to the music (well if its' a song you like GREAT! BUT if it's anythng else forget it)

2. My Czarina

· Driving: why do they ticket the car doing a bit more than the speed limit, but not the car doing less than the limit in the left lane who blocks all flow of traffic?

· Word choice: when words are misused so much that everyone begins to believe the new use is the correct use.

· Those imponderables that still eat up mental space: cough vs though vs through vs sought????

· Why is the peter principle such a law of nature?

3. D.H.

· People who jump the queue--obviously they're so much more entitled than the rest of us

4. Mrs. Arkansawyer

· I don't get the "muscle car" thing...or the "mullets" their drivers seem so fond of...

· 8 foot blow-up anythings to decorate your yard for any given holiday...I don't care how cute they are, if they become useless, what on earth do you do with them? How many landfills have been closed due to lack of space from holiday blow-up decorations?

· Stupid questions...especially my own.

· Saying the wrong word because the synapse misfires, then being corrected by my overly-gleeful 16 year old, who then tells me I'm too young for senior moments.

· Body piercings...beyond earrings for an excuse to wear pretty stones, why bother?

· And to give you a clue, nail polish is to women what auto paint is to men. And pictures frames are rectangular because the photos and canvases are...find me an oddly shaped canvas and I’ll paint you something you can't frame in a rectangle...

· And if you can convince bus drivers to stop for sunsets, I might take up public transportation.

5. The Liz-ster

· MEN... As a complicated woman (which is a repetitive phrase), I just refuse to believe that you guys really are that simple. How can it be so??

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