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27 July 2011

Marrying the Tour to the Technology

I watched the Tour de France bumper-to-bumper, recording it each day so I could watch it each evening in fast-forward through the (very repetitive) slate of commercials. What an amazing three weeks. I now understand the fascination some people around the world, and millions in Europe, feel for cycling. The announcer today said half the people who sent feedback this year said they watch the race for the scenery and history!

Matching cycling with the DVR is fantastic. Rewind, forward, pause. What more does a guy need? Ah, I know. More sports ideas – Continental Racing League, college lacrosse and more. It won’t be football this season; the Bills are without this fan this year after I endured all that off-season posturing and money-grubbing…

And, I got to watch biking across the lowlands of France and up-and-down through the Pyrenees and Alps. Those guys chug uphill and then rip-roar downhill at 30 miles/hour. Fascinating strategies, both individual and team. Camaraderie and sportsmanship. Numerous historical call-outs among the varied countryside. Colors, sounds and folks dressed like lunatics alongside the road. Interviews with the teams to explain the high-tech stuff we’re seeing in action.

August 20th is the next big cycling event, followed August 27th by the US Pro Cycling Challenge in the western US. “Tune up your DVRs and get ready to rumble!”

26 July 2011

Kindle Me Away

I just started re-reading 2001, A Space Odyssey, by the incomparable Arthur C. Clarke. Then on to 2010, 2061 and of course 3001.

Four books and one glorious concept spanning the centuries of mankind’s possible future. I won’t ruin it for you by talking about the details, so suffice it to say Man meets Machine meets Higher Being meets Consciousness meets Himself.

I sure the other millions of readers have their own take, but I’ve read this saga twice and remain convinced it’s as simple an epiphany as you’ll ever read. Beats trying to figure out Carlos Castenada or Ayn Rand. Or some of that so-called poetry I abuse you with.

It’s time for another saga, Gentle Reader, so please suggest one to me - I'll compile any ideas I get and send them to everyone on my list. By the way, The Far Pavilions is due for a second reading so don't suggest that (though I highly recommend it!).

22 July 2011

Great Expectations, part 2

Part 2 .. My mulling-things-over is complete. For today.

The Within expectations, now they’re trickier. I have a midnight oil-burning friend, The Bull, who does the transcontinental travel like a rock star-live separately from family awhile-making it happen at work thing. He clearly succeeds because his expectations are great, with him sacrificing in the name of his family. I can’t gripe until I too have stepped up and rampaged through the china shop of expectations, smashing them with focus and energy.

Now, gentle reader, was that last phrase an analogy, simile or metaphor? Or just early AM goofiness? It’s a dorky question but I want you to walk away today at least a bit enlightened.

Expect, seek, achieve, reflect & celebrate…

21 July 2011

Great Expectations, part 1

We all have them, be they writing a guide at work, lofty goals for our children or the renovation results. Just where do that anticipation for excellence emanate? Within or without?

It’s the perpetual hamster wheel in my life that keeps me keeping on. Sometimes, at least for me, the challenge of a tough project, a whimsical blog post or of an eclectic trip itinerary is in the expectation that it be well-planned AND happen. Yeah, no slacking, unexpected hitch or bad weather allowed.

I’ve seen all good people

Turn their heads each day

Now satisfied, I’m on my way.

Yes, circa 1970

OK, why is TMM quoting the techno-rock wizardry of the band Yes? Ahh, because it’s my keyboard and because I can! No, it actually popped into me noggin because accepted expectations from without mean I in part am pleasing others.

The Without expectations are easier to understand because we all do it, I guess, and not with negative overtones. You surprise the office’s staff call with your wife’s yummy cupcakes. All is good and expectations rise. The work goes well and bosses expect ever more (esp. if you’re rewarded along the way!). You praise your children and they reciprocate with more of that good stuff. We smile and feel good. I’ll mull over the Within ones later on…

20 July 2011

Laughter at our Own Expense

I’m baa-ack. No blogs recently because, well, I didn’t feel like I had much to say. But after sitting in the bus for a complimentary extra half-hour, I am fully energized!

Go figure – a silly man in a little blue pickup decided to whip out of the parking garage at the Metro subway station and basically broadside a 50-foot bus (well, it was more of a sideswipe, thankfully).

Yes, we are a bus. White with red stripes. Long. With right of way. Long. So long that the right of way issue really doesn’t matter anyway. But it makes the bus driver feel better.

Nice thing is everyone laughed in relief, though the folks who waited in the mid-90’s heat for a couple more minutes for the next bus surely weren’t laughing as much.

Wonder what it feels like to be The Moron. Having 54 people ridiculing you from A/C comfort of the mushed bus. A long few minutes. Then the folks on the curb surely are talking loudly from 20 feet away. Then a long few minutes telling the cop what a Moron you are. Hope that never is me.

Is that Schadenfreude in reverse?! It was a weird/unproductive day at work, so I guess this is my workday version of a funny day - no one hurt and odd humor to boot. People crack me up...