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06 April 2011

And they call him, “J. Ramon“

(aka “Rrrrrrr-amon Patel returns” … no, that makes no sense except to a couple of you, sorry, but how else to be light-hearted about my inexcusable Absence from the Ether?!)

What gets folks all fired up to use their middle names as their nom de guerre? I could run around being Ramon, with the emphasis on the second syllable (raMOAN). Gotta roll the R of course. The downside to that idea is I’d feel like a playboy in Monaco but more like the Chevy Chase shiny white dress shoes version. Not attractive so I remain Jose.

Duality. Today’s Thought de Guerre. This living in the sticks and working in the city truly is a duality of mind and matter. No understanding it either. You get up in one world, with its own ways of being (social dynamics at the bus line, commuter driver norms, etc.) and arrive at World Two, DC’s figurative twin towers of political stateliness and Federal employee efficiency. A woman on the bus pointed out this dichotomy and she’s dead-on. Too bad I couldn’t do something profitable with these anecdotal observations.

We could throw in one more thing, the spirituality and epiphany of the bus ride -- call it living in your mind. But that’s something like ‘tri-ality’ and MS Word dictionary says that word doesn’t exist. So there you are, there we go from one world with its foibles to another with its miscues. Quite funny (if you’re me)!

And then there’s Arkansawyer’s world, in which anything can fit into a Ford Focus and go anywhere. More amazing than duality, maybe more like “derring-do’ity.” That’s what I’m talking about, baby!

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