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28 April 2011

Wooden Ships

Things worth seeing and touching, both for their power and beauty. It probably seems kind of goofy but I like old things like this, and others like old buildings and my old face in the mirror. Does that mean I’ve accumulated wisdom? If so, then why can’t I find the wisdom to save the energy to blog daily, like earlier this year? A wise man would conserve his energy instead of firing up the Hamster Wheel of Life the way I do.

Our lives. Kind of like wooden ships, ones that accumulate dings, scars and re-paintings. Not all voluntary either, though that’s neither here nor there since a wooden ship wouldn’t be revered if it instead was a sunken carcass or wooden flotsam. Reminds me of my blog post on similes and metaphors – “I am to a Wooden Ship” is a what?? I’m wiped out today so wisdom says ‘don’t guess’ in public!

Too bad nostalgia often breeds melancholy at those days gone by. Me, I don’t fall into that trap because those olden days often were tough and thankless. Look at a German castle, with its umpteen thousands of labor hours to build, let alone keep up after repeated predations of attackers, weather, tacky remodeling and poor design.

My inspiration today was courtesy Mssr. Crosby, Stills & Nash, circa 1970, in the legendary song Wooden Ships:

Wooden ships on the water

Very free and easy

Easy, you know, the way it’s supposed to be.


Stare at us

Even feelings die

We are leaving -

You don’t need us.

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