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15 March 2011

KSTS, c’est la nouveau KISS!

I’m no life coach nor some high priest of motivation so I chart my own course of simplicity. Moderation is boring but usually the key ingredient when mixing the day up. It’s we who are the emotional swizzle sticks, not the workplace, media or our favorite mind-distracting tube shows. Can you tell I have little empathy with those who blame everything but themselves for their problems? So maybe a foray into life coaching is OK after all?

If so, KSTS is where it’s at. Keep Simple Things Simple. Can it be easier or so much damned harder than that? It would be easier if I were some Horse with No Name, wandering across Heather’s craggy southwestern plains, a milieu painted with barren beauty and endless hours of down time. That kind of simplicity, live free/live smart or die, would be interesting here in our nation’s hub. The none of us would prosper since too many cogs turn too many others. [argh] [TMM swoons, brainwaves flat-line as the Borg collective reins his free spirit back in … he blankly smiles while creating a new policy]

But, “in the evening, when the day is done, I got to have your love.” More shameless paraphrasing from the band of the week, of the millennium, Led Zep, and words that ring so true. Because, I think, all work sooner or later fades into the noise of the workplace collective, if you will. The simple things at home, live/love/happiness, are what resonate in my psyche as dancing daytime thoughts fall into place late at night.

Now if I could convince the happy pets that I get dibs on my own part of the bed…

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