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08 April 2011

Good Words after Camping Out

My friend, the Arkansawyer Man, camped/hiked/mused with me over three days. More on that later since this post is only about his Insight. It's one that - in a good way - stopped me in my tracks:

“And the getting away without getting too deep is a good therapeutic thing to do, isn't it? It doesn't make the problems disappear but it helps you find solid ground inside so that you can go back to the storm a little more grounded....”

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Arkansawyer said...

Many of Arkansawyer's 'getaways' had no deep conversation concerning the concerns of the day... those aren't what is important. Living is. Being.

TwoMedicineMan opened that door for me... The first time we hunkered down in the woods for a cold, wet 30ish weekend, hiking and riding in the rain, I had no idea that I needed that 'detatchment' from life... But in finding it, I found more peace than I'd had for years. And never a word spoken of the troubles that had haunted me, just an escape, which helped me to steady myself before the ground crumbled beneath me and swallowed me up.