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12 April 2011

Oh, to be a ‘Jim’

Today is dedicated to the James I know, those who keep it Turned On. All character traits and impressions below are purely my own, but I hope those ‘in your Life Orbit’ also see them:

To careen like Jimmy P., he of wry wit who can bring a warm smile into his soggy flooded basement, connect everything in seven steps to the band Genesis, and who since SUNY Oneonta ’84 has proven to be one of the most inscrutable witnesses ever on the human condition.

To lead the daring expedition like Jimbo C., he who looks the big & bad trees up and down -- and promptly brings them down; he who can see through the BS and come out the other side clean, and whose heart & mind are righteously focused and thus – along with his dedication to Ms. Lynne – make him an inspiration to modern men.

To laser the Light Fantastic like James T., he who ponders the Big Ideas and boils them down to size, who probably can taste the power of the band Rush, and who deftly tackles workplace challenges with a courtliness far more mature than his years would let on.

To get out of bed like Old Man James W., he who just turned 40 and didn’t look back, whose character holds what wacked-in-the-head guys like me wish for, and who cranks the heck out of Life’s Grenade Lemons as he casually makes lemonade out of life’s tough challenges and apparent set-backs.

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