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27 April 2011

Walking out on the Street

Hola! I welcome you back to my blog, one under-everything’d due to a maniacal work schedule. OK, my personal standards probably are the maniacal thing here, not my boss’ expectations. I work as hard as I expect others to do, so being wiped out is something that reflects my work ethic and value I place in what my employer does – take care of Grandma and the little brother you want to lock in the shed.

The ‘street’ to which I refer is around all of you, from MT to MD to AL. Today was National Walking Day or some such thing. Something about having a walking lunch instead of a working lunch. Did you do that? Yes, Lee, even Main Street Business America can take 30 to go on Walk-About in a late season Montana snow shower. The workday is done? So what – get out there now and do a lap. It’s good for you and whomever you take along!

Speaking of streets, please take a moment to walk on the Wild Stitching Side of my friend T. We’ll call her just T because the fame of her new Dixie Samplar Designs website, a truly awesome endeavor with a ga-zillion links to other stitching websites and blogs. She also shows pix of her new studio – simply Wow -- just like T! After 18 years, I can vouch for her character (and good taste in patterns and friends), so shop away! The link is: http://www.dixiesamplardesigns.com/2011/04/studio-reveal-aka-snap-heavy-postbut.html

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