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15 April 2011

That Girl right next to Me

We need a new holiday to replace Hallmark Day – oops, I mean Valentine’s Day. We’ll simply call it “Thank You.” (that’s it – not even suffixed by “day," as I'll explain below).

Is there a holiday to celebrate the madness of having someone always in your head? Whose voice you hear out of the blue and then miss terribly when you don’t hear it live-in-person often enough?

Do we need a holiday to commemorate the times, all too often, when the dreams at 28 become real closer to 48 because she’s in my life, filling the emotional potholes and flying rational cover over my life’s dream-filled loony flight path?

Wouldn’t I burned by my own lucky star if she weren’t there to temper the promise of a quick win into one that will be there for lots of future days? [Answer here is emphatically Yes]

And, how would I walk the straight mile if she wasn’t looking at the hourglass of life and reminding me that some things need doing now, some are overdue and some shouldn’t ever happen (tho TMM might wish he’d gotten a tat a long time ago in a different life)?

As if any of this is up to me or that I’d wish it so. My heart, soul & lucky star tell me I won’t get burned in life if my new holiday 'Thank You' is a 24x7 event that keeps on turning it on! Puppy love it isn’t – serious love for serious times it is…

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