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28 February 2011

Larger than Life

So, who fits the bill? What makes it Large? And what shouldn’t be?

People – that’s tough. Aside from my own parents and wife, there are a few non-family amazing folks today’s Top 5: Mother Teresa, Greg Mortensen, Jimmy Carter, Jon Bon Jovi and JRR Tolkien. Though I’m excluding almost all of you, to be fair, I’ve just got to shout out an honorable mention to my son Chris, The Exigent One, who isn't afraid to tackle most anything from bloody patients to screamer Mustang SVTs!

Things that are larger than life: Potbelly’s Italian sub; in general, subs/grinders/zeppelins on the Food Network; NFL – tho it’s really just a game, updated from the Roman Coliseum; Ted Turner’s ranches; a good rock concert (Kim, Our Effervescent One-what was the best one ever?); the world of Dune with its lessons for humanity and humility; and, Dungeons and Dragons, a world all unto itself and larger than any one hero like me.

For the umpteenth time, we ask ourselves What Is and What Should Never Be (larger, that is): government, something better when nimble and understandable; any of us unless we’re ready to wax in the limelight; money, it taints too much of the soil; retirement, an increasingly fleeting fantasy that can take away from the good we can for a paycheck; and, media – it opens vistas but imperils our rationale by skewing everything through its must-be-biased looking glass.

Now I’m reminded of Alice in Wonderland and how things are not as they appear. Good analogy and time to look askance at the routine things in my life, wondering just why exactly they’re smaller or larger than they first appear. Hey, maybe I’ll sleep better afterward?

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