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14 February 2011

Yes, It's me in your Mirror

It’s always – really, always – been clear to me why I love Michele. If words were wings, then dreamers would fly, ride or be able to convince their spouses of that love. It’s funny to know I’m not Icarus and yet still dream my wings (and true love) are real. A startlingly simple revelation after 26 years of Our Journey, one worth celebrating on this Valentine’s Day:

Yes, It's me in your Mirror

For you and me

life is not some dreary routine

but a marvel of humor and spirit

that travels at the speed of love.

For you and me

age is not the defining mood

where we hang on yesterdays -

because our dawns brings hope.

For you and me,

our presence, the whole of us,

a tumultuous togetherness,

carries me away in a storm.

For you and me

some things are self-evident.

But nothing charges me more

than meeting your smile.

My heart goes out to you

anywhere, any crazy time,

as we move along,

as we intertwine.

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