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23 February 2011

Snowflakes fall down, we all fall down

Hah! Gotcha! I mean, who wants to read dreary stuff? Life is an interesting flux of Pollyanna-Obi Wan-Eeyore emotions these days but while wildly swinging past the balance, I realize we usually can deal with all this ‘life stuff.’

Take snowflakes. I like them and sing songs to them while moving them from our cars to their happy place, the ground. We build them into goofy figures and toss them about. Doubt the latter makes them too happy so maybe that’s why some snowballs hurt more than others, angry snow. What winter’s morning is more perfect, when you’re not going anywhere anyway, than a nice cuppa Joe, a piece of German stollen and a boundless field of snow? Oh, you’re right - tossing the cats outside, then giving them a warm bath afterward!

Attraction of blue,

Rumination of browns,

Purring green,

Eternity white.

Sorry, I have no idea where that came from, probably some damaged occipital lobe cells trying to be heard. Hmm, those are the same buggers that chime in when I’m speaking up at meetings. All those electro-shock sessions and this mindless babbling all is I get? Sucks to be me, he without a filter to keep the Inner Voice quiet and Deeper Feeler somnolent. Thinking about the chaos, the daily dramas, that sometime swirl through my life, I wonder if the lack of a reliably good filter is the reason.

The Arctic Cat has reached its station after an Iditarod-like mush along Route 5. I and my warped cranium are nearing work, the nirvana of my morning that substitutes for the perfect day above. [sound of flutes lilt in the background] I have coffee and my morning workout there, so today Obi Wan rules and we saunter along the calm path, the best path. Please disembark safely, and may your own day be a good one, a strong one.

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