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08 February 2011

Mild Turbulences in the Slipstream of Life

Life this month has been busy and I’ve been wearing my serious face – you know me, the penultimate government wonk . HAH! OK, picture now some Calvin & Hobbes stupefaction. I’ve not had time to blog daily but that doesn’t mean the footfalls of emotion, those of tempered introspection, don’t lead me astray on these hour-long bus rides.


Here’s something I’ve been working on for awhile, free-flow feelings that tug me back to those wild young days when I used to write a poem or two. For a girl I (still) know, go imagine that. Probably pure drivel but I really believe love never grows if you take care to nurture those feelings…


When the wind whispers of you

and I call out your name,

new snow carpets my recollections.

Never to be lonely.

It’s no surprise all I’m chasing

still leaves me empty.

So I resolve to just laugh

at those Don Quixote windmills.

Safe harbor on a restless sea,

the veil of you settles

one more league nearer to me,

pieces of our dream again together.

I keep alive in my heart

Pieces, shards, flares of love

From really

not so long ago…

1 comment:

Robby Beth said...

Wonderful, not drivel at all...very evocative.