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01 March 2011

Things I think I know or Wish were true

Come to think of it, that can be the same thing.

Low-hanging fruit, aka The Easy Ones

· My job is worth your tax dollars / my job is worth this commute / my commute enables this blog (how easy that one was!)

· Genetics cause kids pickiness at mealtime, not the Ogre of a Mother’s parenting style

· There is some type of afterlife, you choose the flavor; for a sentient being, the alternative is depressing

· We all got rhythm and humor, it’s just harder to find/understand/accept in some of us!

· Some certain percentage of people are crappy or intentionally idiotic drivers; cities are worse only because of population density (pseudo-proof: my recent two near-misses in February both were with only the idiots and I within the same mini-ZIP code)

· People still like paper books

· A certain percentage of commuter drivers always will avoid the convenient toll roads just to save a few bucks

· Pulling the government out of the housing mortgage lending market will dramatically alter our country within our lifetime

· The Blues #1: Too much commuter bus careening makes the bathroom’s blue toilet water, that smells Oh So Flowery, slosh around a bit too energetically

· The Blues #2: The Blue Men, one of whom looks suspiciously like Arkansawyer…

Tough nuts, like in the movie Ice Age

· We don’t directly cause global warming but sure do worsen it every day

· People who habitually run red lights don’t live as long

· The people who agonize over the rising price of gasoline often haven’t figured out that skipping one family restaurant meal out per month, say at even $50, more than offsets the price difference (aka, whining). The tougher part/compassionate waiver is for those who already never eat out because they’re already living on the edge.

· So many folks preach how they love their parents and familial elders (uncles & aunts), but I think that’s suspicious because too many older folks live a cold miserable life on a basically bare-subsistence level. If I'm in fact right, it would explain why no one is around to toss them even a hundred bucks a month to put some meat on the table.

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