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15 February 2011

RW’s Last Day

How is it I sit here and feel Rod Stewart’s ‘Country Comforts’ dancing across my brainwaves? That would be hard since Henri the iPod is asleep this morning, so there's no real music playing. Robin’s moving response to the Last Day blog post got me to thinking. As said on , my last day’s thoughts don’t matter as much as yours, so Robin, please take it away…

"I would want to start the day before day break, so that James and I can take pictures of the sunrise together, just like we always talk about doing. Then I'd gather everyone around the breakfast table, so we could enjoy a big meal together. We'd linger over that last cup of coffee, before getting dressed and heading out for the day. I'd want to visit as many of my family that I could, and telephone the ones I couldn't. I'd take my mother out to lunch, with her sister, and tell them both to grow up, and make up. That life is too short to bear grudges, especially when you can't even remember how they got started, or understand why they continue. I'd tell them if they were lucky enough to be given a sister, they should honor that gift, and honor the memory of their parents love, by sharing that love. Hoarding it away just makes you crabby.

I'd want to spend the afternoon with James and the kids, doing whatever they wanted. Painting more ceramics, or tie-dyeing stuff, or lazing around watching movies. Anything to see their happy faces, and have the chance to talk and touch and hug and tease. I'd hold them close, and smell their hair, and tell them that it's never too late...to have a happy childhood, or a happy anything else. Life is precious, and should be savoured.

I'd want to have dinner with my parents...Daddy and Jean...and Aunt Sarah...to talk and laugh and drink too much coffee and eat too much chocolate...to listen to my father tell our families stories, and watch the children take it all in, to turn to Jamie with a smile, and listen to his stories, too. And somewhere in there, I'd want to take off to Arkansas, to see my new family, but I'd probably end up settling for a phone call...

And after dinner, I'd want to spend the rest of the evening with James, sipping a glass of wine, watching the starts, listening to his heart beat, and just BEING....because There is no place like Home... "

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