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10 February 2011

Never a Dull Day for TMM’s Humor Neutrinos

(though some have faced a firing squad)


Why take a day off to be serious? And, of course, never make a day a downer event. Lastly, look for the lightness and color in the dull-speak and blah-feelings that permeate the air we breathe.


2/3/2011, 5:27 PM: Holy $@#$... My words hit home while typing the paragraph above. You won't believe it but just as I was leaving the Census Bureau area, I see a looney tunes guy dressed in a homemade lime green Statute of Liberty outfit -- prancing around in the median of the intersection like a whack job. OMG, and I didn't even have beer at home this month to reinforce my defensive posture against the Dark Arts of DC’dom…


Speaking of which:

  • I wonder what weirdness they find in those Goodwill boxes
  • Why do phone companies/phone manufacturers make Call Block so hard to use?
  • Why do some many Government People wear black jackets to work? Shouldn’t we all dress brightly in commemoration of the joy, the unbridled happiness of office life?
  • Why can’t I get overwhelmed by the Super Bowl? Because my fav team isn’t in it? That it seems to denigrate the efforts of the other finalists who kicked butt to almost get there? Or maybe because Super is such a dumb, dumb name for this marquee event?
  • Groundhog Day would be such a more meaningful societal event if we actually ate the little buggers. Then we’d tack on Squab Sunday and Cicada Night.
  • When you see a Chinese restaurant which also features chicken, ribs and sub’s, how do you politely ask, “What do you recommend? What do you REALLY cook well? What sucks? Which dishes have the pigeon?”
  • Don’t architectural designers and architects get drug tested? How to explain the US Census Bureau headquarters?

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