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02 May 2011

The Prop Wash of City Life

I’m watching today’s clouds race across my periphery like streamers in some mad hatter’s party. Brings me of a mind to reflect that there’s a haze over too many of our lives, both physical and emotional.

[Editor’s note – the reason for New Age music, and its applications, become ever more obvious to me, such Adrain Legg]

We at work have noticed the national discourse and its business diverge into two ludicrously self-absorbed camps, each diametrically opposed on some pretense of morality or strategic vision. "I'm right so you must be wrong..." Thsi creates a haze of loud opinions, bobble-heads on the Tele and distractions from the nuts and bolts of government business.

I don’t think most folks I know fall into these camps, which is probably why I hang out with some of you. There’s so much middle ground to plow so let’s get back to the plowshare – while clearing this virtual haze with basics like love songs by Laura Tsaggaris or The Black Crowes, and putting life before work. Yes, I phrased that as intended – too much work and no play make Johnny a dull boy!

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