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31 May 2011

Pigs, Dogs & Sheep … all on the Wing

(this is late - should have come out Friday...)

Harkening back to 1977 (for me, the carefree glory days of 9th grade), today’s Pink Floyd theme really captures the essence of what’s strange about the world in which we toil about. For such a long time now, I thought high school was such a tough time when in fact it probably was my lack of life skills that made it so damned tough at times. My toolkit now is armed with so much more experience, hard-gained wisdom and a good amount of humor – enough so that maybe my road is tougher than before, but I just don’t notice it.

Hey, that’s a positive observation – the hard road can be the best! It’s not to cast a negative tint on my life or anyone else’s travels through the years. I keep time on the songs of life and can dance the tunes pretty well. At least, my family and friends keep on coming back to talk to me. Or pat me on the head. Now, if only I could stop acting like a drooling brain-dead zombie…

Back to the subject at hand/in the hand – the goofiness of our life paradigm. Were I to reflect on my life by my career accomplishments, or how 'well' I coped with life events, my life might be seen as successful. As might yours. And we probably are just rich with successes! So why do I, and I know some of you, feel less than fulfilled? I think it’s simply about the expectations, ones we usually set too high. I look back sometimes and realize I’ve nailed a lot on a crazy long list ~ maybe that list review should be a mini-celebration of a great long weekend? It’s all good.

Enjoy the long weekend upcoming, one whose symbolism as the Start of Summer isn’t lost on me. I’ve taken a new approach to annual resolutions; this year, it’s to enjoy summer instead of dreading the Hot 100. Let’s see where that gets fleece vest-loving me this summer…

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