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06 May 2011

Love All People but Cook Thoroughly before Consumption

Why is it that cannibalism is so sick, twisted, warped and unhealthy for teeth and gums? “Here comes the sun and a pickled femur – yee, hah!” OK, we’re devolving into gross-ness here but that’s what may happen when one starts looking at bumper stickers on the homeward ride. But that’s not all bad – can you imagine how dreary anyone's blog would be if the windows were blacked-over? I’d be a captive of my own bad taste and warped imagination.

[Editor’s note: four silver cars at the intersection – boor-iiing. That’s why we have bumper stickers, eh? Mine are Keep It Wild (tree hugging); I love Rivers, No Farms No Food, & Park Service Trailblazer]

Speaking of intersections, what’s with DC’s latest initiative – human beings as Traffic Controllers? Aka Intersection Chum? You think some orange-clad woman and no weapon other than her naturally bad attitude is gonna stop Joe Meathead from doing an illegal U-turn or partially blocking an intersection? Maybe they figure yelling at the guys will do the trick. Or they become anonymous orange striping when overstepping their bounds (OK, more marginally bad humor!).

It all about mothers this weekend. With apologies to NASCAR/WWE/day-traders, nothing else comes close. Love, cherish, respect, adore, serve & remember ... do one or more on this list All Weekend ...

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