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12 May 2011

2,952 Thoughts in the Ether

I may bore you to tears today but I thought it insightful to review for myself what Henri (my iPod) had for me today in shuffle play mode.

Does music drive emotions or reflect them? I think it’s a bit of both. And what would your Emoticon look like based on your music tastes? Mine likely would be kind of manic, changing a lot each week.

Enough inner monologue -- play the music!

1. Magnum opus … Kansas

2. It’s only money … Concrete Blondes

3. Hard to handle … Black Crowes

4. Hurricane … Laura Tsaggaris

5. The Marshall plan … Blue Öyster Cult

6. The ballad of John and Yoko … The Beatles

7. All the king’s horses … Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation

8. Double agent … Rush

9. Now more than ever … John Mellencamp

10. In your honor … Foo Fighters

Analysis begun. Analysis complete. I am weird. Irrevocably. Yes, Czarina, 2,952 shuffle-played songs would mathematically prove my hypothesis (that I'm weird) when validated to some decimal place.

Me, I can figure out just ten songs into it that music does drive feelings so I’ll continue to fast-forward when I come across downer tunes. The next and last song this morning was Hard Road by Black Sabbath. Kind of upbeat, actually, so off to the sweatshop go I …

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