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01 June 2011

Lucky for You, Lucky for Me

What makes the mind ‘roam?’ I have lots of time each morning to ponder that but haven’t figured anything much out. Coincidentally, this survey, http://www.slate.com/id/2295603/, goes a long ways to describing the perils of a long commute. Thankfully, I don’t fall easily into these traps. I’m not speaking for any other commuter, but my own slog is well worth it when I see the good things my paycheck & benefits bring to my family. And, I get the full range of emotions each day without drugs, drink or personal crisis – man, maybe I’m just lucky and never knew how exciting my free time is!

Let’s stroll through TMM’s Garden, where you just never know what will pop up…

Do you know where

your happiness is tonight?

You might be right or wrong,

the rhythm and rhyme

slipping through your fingers.

We’re far into the night

with ever less time

to find the chord, the thread

of our stories.

But love is coming

to us all

no matter where we are

today, tomorrow

or a thousand dreams away.

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