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25 January 2011

Nightmares and Dreams that come true

Picture this: you have one day to live. You wake up in the morning and know that it’s Exit Stage Left at midnight. You just know it! At least that’s what the Voice in your Head says; whether you believe that to be God speaking, or simple mind-numbing intuition, is up to you.

What do you do? Tell me. And plz tell me if I may share that anonymously in a future blog post?

What would TMM do? (Hmm, it’s supposed to be YOUR last day, so do my plans really matter?) For the sake of chatting, I’ll say that I guess I’d quickly get affairs in order (max 60 minutes), then spend a homey day with my family. Guess I’d have to tell Michele since I can’t ever trick her. Have my daughter take the day off of school, but without telling my her why – as if she’d question it... Give boss my regrets and tell her tomorrow will be the most productive day she’ll ever get from me. Drive down near the commuter bus stop and give a couple of my ‘favorite’ drivers a rather unkind gesture that says ‘won’t miss riding with ya, buddy!’

Eat breakfast at home, where the food tastes the best. Take a walk in the forest. Call MD Office of Taxation and tell their answering machine what non-profit groups really think about them (they don’t talk to us low-life taxpayers). Call my family of course, except Mom, ostensibly just to say Hi. Get down on all fours with the dogs and dig a big new hole. Bust up the trashcan before the garbage guys do it for me.

Buy lunch stuff -- Johnsonville brats and also cole slaw & potato salad to mix up. Have lunch, with deviled eggs in the afternoon. Play board games – losing on purpose - and watch the Willy Wonka movie. Listen to a few good songs LOUDLY –one each from at least Zep, Rush, Neil, Rod Stewart, Mellencamp, Etheridge and Bruce Cockburn. While dervishly playing air guitar and singing horribly out of tune. Apologize to dogs. Go to the nearby 4-way stop and hand out 10-spots to strangers with my best wishes.

Dinner out at the Japanese Steakhouse with me tossing firecrackers into the grill. An evening walk. Toss firecrackers at those dogs that yap at all hours. Call my mom now to thank her for putting up with me (if I call too early she’d be on to me). Sweet nothings & somethings to Michele. Kiss AlliGirl/hug the J-Boy goodnight. Then sleep peacefully.

Sayonara, my love! … and await her over the horizon.

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dixiesamplardesigns said...

Dagnabit, dude!!...you are NOT supposed to make me cry at work!! That was beautiful...you old softie you!! Thank God it ain't gonna happen just yet...is it??!! Lord, I hope not...I want you to hang with me a little longer dude...

Very interesting blog...I am enjoying this little sneaky-peak into your ever convoluted mind...or is it confused??? Oh well...in the words of the great Henry VIII...continue...

Later dude,