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22 January 2011

40,000 Headmen

I could go on for hours about the difficulties and veritable chaos of child-rearing and why it may better ton contract it out, but let’s not go there, eh? Is it just me who feels we parents ought to be entitled to some familial silence, glorious weeks when not a single child is having some crisis or inexplicable melt-down. Disclaimer: I am so proud of our two young men (24 & 20) and their choices. The inevitable mini-crises often aren’t of their intentional making, so maybe we together can blink all the bad stuff away?

[Topic shift… I think the subject line, a famous song by Traffic, refers to executioners. ]

Back to the first topic… OK, TMM, what up with this twist? Simple. All these ‘problems of youth’ still don’t make me think being a parent is an ongoing letdown, though maybe a beautiful letdown in that I usually see the pieces of a bad situation picked up and things improve. Ever match your kids’ problems with those of others and make a judgment? I do and always feel guilty. Wonder if that’s normal? Or that sometimes the eventual successes are almost worth the aggravation? See - even a bunch of headmen wouldn’t scare me away from parenting. Great : I’ve gotten so spooled up that I’ve redefined what a convoluted paragraph looks like. [sigh] Time for purgatory in dailywritingtips.com

Maybe a “Mail Order Dad” would be more efficient. But parenting is all about stumbling through things (like what upsets an 11-yr-old girl…the alignment of the stars?) and recovering to get it done right, I guess. This train of thought just crashed into Pointless Introspection Canyon, so Au revoir! for today.

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