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20 December 2010

Iruka Akatsuki

(Japanese for ‘Dolphin Dawn’)

Bliss Redefined: At a sunny 9 AM, savoring hot coffee on the condo’s deck overlooking the Atlantic ocean astride Cape Fear's Topsail Island.

Culinary Euphoria: Arranging the homemade apple cake and Kirsch Stollen (a German loaf-shaped cake containing dried cherries, other fruits/nuts, and covered with powdered sugar) alongside the great breakfast burritos Michele made this morning.

Familial Smiles: Watching my US Navy medical corpsman playing Playstation’s Trauma Center, a really wacky Japanese take on One Life to Live. It combines soap opera, a Catholic nun, putting broken bones back into a patient puzzle-style, and the whole family giggling our loony butts off.

Youkou (Sunshine): All we get today in the Wilmington NC area. Made all the more invigorating by the mesmerizing sparkle of the waters where all stress melts away and thoughts ebb into a fascination over the water’s clarity and the tricks of the tail along the horizon – just what do I see or think I see?

Splish-splash: As the dozen dolphins karroom along the waves – or astoundingly, within them – as they near the shoreline. I hope you too have seen a morning spectacle like this one, where the dolphins squirt parallel to the shoreline inside the aquamarine clarity of the wave. Unforgettable.

Images I’ll never forget and we’re only on Morning Two of our six-day jaunt…

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