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14 January 2011

A Must Read & View: "Matthew's Thorns"

I recently talked about the disappearance of noted blogger Arkansawyer and about the sad void his selfish devotion to his family left in our online lives. The nerve, getting his priorities straight. But, yea verily, he again has posted! HUZZAH! This is almost as exciting and gratifying as potty-training your kid.

I sometimes at lunchtime use blogger.com's feature of randomly looking at others' blogs. Someday I'll compile for you a list of my fav's so far. But you can start with Arkansawyer's own blog, the model I emulate. If you'd like to take a trip down Literary Lane, pitstop at Epiphany Circle whilst meandering through a lush Kodachrome Cacophony of Sights, I suggest you peruse at least his latest posting. But don't stop there - bring lunch back to your PC and go to the right-side pane to check out his Deviant Art Gallery uploads and hike into Armadillo Creek! If you have comments, feel free to send them to me and I'll forward them.


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