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20 January 2011

Say you’re free!

Here’s a wonderful quote from a simply wonderful book. First, the book:

Three Cups of Tea

- About the adventures of Greg Mortenson, a Tanzanian-born son of Lutheran missionaries who failed to ascend the legendary K2 mountain so instead put his life to good use

- A real-life story about building schools, deep friendships, Muslim-Christian trust in Pakistan, and true love. Beginning in 1993, he somehow perseveres through the tumultuous days of 9/11 and today continues his work in northern Afghanistan, a land of serous deprivation

- “A testament to the power of the humanitarian spirit” … that’s a slip cover quote which

really understates the stunning power of Greg’s life’s mission

Call to Action:

Have you ever read a book that inspired you to do something, something that you wanted to run down the road to share with your BFF? Or, like my dear friend Liz, drop it into the mail with a note that says, “Read me now!”?

Read the book! And then…

My challenge to you has several forks, depending on your passion:

· Write an email to your friends, talking up the book

· Bring it to work and display it on your desk

· Do like I plan on doing – buy a hardcover copy and donate it to your local library. You’ll get a smile from the Noble Librarian and your gift will be greatly multiplied in value…

· Join me on a road trip to one of his ‘local’ speaking events. March 24th at Old Dominion Univ./Norfolk/3.5 hours or April 7th/Frederick/1.5 hours, are the closest this year. They’re both mid-week evening gigs, I think. Cheap fun -- Join me!

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