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08 June 2011

Living in the Spotlight with my Feet on the Ground

Ever look your loved one in the eye and see reflected someone so Big and Meaningful that you wonder how you ever could live up to that? I get a lot of that. No pressure. Hah! But that’s said with a smile and sense of befuddlement since I can’t be more than who I am. Now, I’m not saying some of us, Gentle Reader, aren’t just a bit squiggly around the edges and could use a good polishing job!

When you’re so damned in love like TMM, “moving on” means taking another step forward on the heart’s journey into yet another adventure. I like the ones that you jump recklessly into, or wander into with a sigh, that have no expectations or tangible end. Like taking walks with your partner and/or dog, moving someplace new, bathing cats (that have claws), starting a diet or exercise plan – you get my drift. albeit a drift with no particular known outcome until you’re done or get there.

That paragraph almost made sense... That is the good thing about blogging – you write what’s in your day’s mind, your life’s heart and in the heat of the moment. Ask and yea verily I will try to clarify any wacky paragraphs!

So, I return those looks I get with my feet on the ground and wax momentarily as the person that I (and our dogs ) hope that I can be.

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